By transformational we mean a minimum of 80% of the annual tuition fees. A truly life changing opportunity for each recipient. The first of these is the Jayne Triffitt Award which is a 100% bursary.

As Headmistress of Woldingham School from 2007-2016, Jayne Triffitt worked with her team to ensure that Woldingham is considered to be a leading Catholic girls’ school.  The academic profile of the School is now highly respected by parents, pupils, prep heads and prospective parents. The results at GCSE, A level, and Oxbridge are now some of the best ever.

In her time as Head, Jayne invested in the pastoral care of the School, insisted on good behaviour and continued a significant programme of building and refurbishment. It is, however, the development of the warm and friendly ethos of the School that has made her most proud during her tenure.

In 2015, the Board of Governors decided that a Bursary Fund in Jayne’s name would be a fitting tribute to acknowledge her outstanding contribution and service to the School. This award has now become Jayne’s lasting legacy to the school, as she sadly passed away in 2018.

We are delighted at the support we have received over the last two years. If you are considering making a gift, please find outlined below the various ways in which you can contribute to the bursary programme.

About the Jayne Triffitt Bursary
Woldingham is a happy and successful school, developing confident and compassionate girls within a caring and supportive Christian community.
We encourage students to become independent, enquiring young women, who forge lasting relationships, achieve academic success and become positive influences in the world they will enter.
There is no typical ‘Woldingham girl’. We accept applications from girls of all faiths and recruit for diversity; we thrive on the fusion of cultures and backgrounds that enable us to flourish. The School is the thread that connects these vibrant, committed and thoughtful girls.
– The Jayne Triffitt Bursary Fund will provide an Entry Bursary awarded at Year 7 which will offer a 100% bursary of day fees from entry at age 11 through to Upper Sixth.
– The Fund will cover uniform costs and some curricular associated costs for a girl joining the School.
– Woldingham School bursaries are means tested and are awarded based on academic performance at 11+.

I am thrilled and delighted to be able to start the Woldingham School Foundation with the Jayne Triffitt Bursary Fund. I am honoured that the Governors are happy to recognise my contribution in this way.


Our Philanthropic Heritage - Sacred Heart Foundation
Woldingham School owes its very existence to the Society of the Sacred Heart religious order which gifted the School and its grounds to the Woldingham School Trust in 1985. This founding Catholic teaching order of nuns dedicated their lives to the education of bright, young girls and this ethos has set the tone of the School which is ever present today. By supporting the development of the Bursary Fund, you will be joining the
tradition of dedication to education upon which our school was founded.
As part of the Sacred Heart network, we focus on the five Sacred Heart goals to ensure the education of women is at the heart of modern society.

Our daughter greatly enjoyed studying at Woldingham School with the Bursary Fund she obtained. She received a very high level of education and enjoyed amazing levels of support and encouragement from the staff. This gave her the opportunity to fulfill her dream of going to Oxford University. We feel blessed by our daughter’s Woldingham experience. As a family, we remain utterly grateful for the good fortune. Thanks Woldingham School. The Bursary Fund is without doubt a testimony to your commitment to inclusion, diversity and excellence. God bless you.


How are the recipients selected?
The Jayne Triffitt Bursary Fund is currently available to 11+ entrants. In future, we hope to have gained enough support to offer this to more than one child and open it up to 13+ and 16+ entrants as well.
All applicants for a bursary award must complete the registration form and bursary application form supported by a letter from their current Headmaster or Headmistress. They must also be successful in Woldingham School’s entrance exam. They must show evidence of their financial situation and an independent financial assessment of the family is conducted, which may include a home visit. Based on all of this information, the Headmistress and Bursary Awards Committee then select the bursary candidate(s). All bursary awards are endorsed by the School’s Governors. Every bursary award is subject to satisfactory educational progress, behaviour and to an annual financial review.
What is meant by a 'means-tested', full bursary award?
To obtain such a bursary, the parents must give details of their financial position in order for the School to assess the family’s eligibility. The Jayne Triffitt Bursary Fund covers 100% of the day fee remission, as well as ensuring the recipient has all the equipment and uniform that she needs, and that she can play a full part in school life.

Does the school contribute to the Fund?
Yes. The School Governors established the Jayne Triffitt Bursary Fund in 2015 and are committed to continue to build on this each year, whilst also continuing to invest in inspiring teaching staff and major building projects from fee income.
The School also pledges that your full donation will be used solely for the purpose of the Bursary Fund and any associated administrative costs will be covered by the School.

We have been delighted by the support the Jayne Triffitt Bursary Fund has already received from current and past parents. It is a reflection of the School’s ethos, combined with the success and opportunities it creates for its students, that so many want to give back in this way.


If you would like to support the bursary programme, please download, complete and return the Giving Form or please use the link below to our Just Giving page to make an on-line donation.

If you would like some further information please contact Camilla Mair, Development Manager on 01883 654308 or
Or write to: Development Manager, Woldingham School, Marden Park, Woldingham, Surrey CR3 7YA.
Registered charity number 1125376.