Pompeii and pizza on the menu for classics trip to the Bay of Naples

Pompeii and pizza on the menu for classics trip to the Bay of Naples

21 February 2024

Dr Jessica Dixon, Head of Classics

During the half term break, 37 students in Years 8 and 10, Miss Mackay, Mme Emery, Mrs Jenkins and I, immersed ourselves in Italy’s classical past, visiting Herculaneum, Vesuvius, and Pompeii. We didn’t let two days of torrential rain (after no rain in the area for months…) ruin our trip. The students were fantastic and made the most of the archaeological site visits, free time in Sorrento, and, as you will hear from Nithali below, the pizza.

Nithali Year 8

On our first day in Naples, we all had fun on a pizza making course, where we learnt how to make pizza dough and got to eat delicious pizzas (see photos below). On Saturday, although the weather was very wet and dreary, we climbed up Mount Vesuvius. It was extremely windy and although only six of us made it right to the top, we all experienced the amazing view. The ruins of Herculaneum and Pompeii were fascinating. We learned lots about life in Roman times and explored the streets, luxurious houses, the amphitheatre and theatre, the bars and shops. It was thrilling to walk the same streets as the Romans did 2000 years ago. This was a really fun trip, filled with yummy food, enoyable activities and interesting facts.

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