Reenergising lunchtime activities highlight Children’s Mental Health Week

Reenergising lunchtime activities highlight Children’s Mental Health Week

8 February 2024

Ms Kate Renshaw, Deputy Head Wellbeing (acting) and Head of Marden

To mark Children’s Mental Health Week (5-11 February), we encouraged students and staff to take some time out and do something for themselves to promote positive mental health and wellbeing.

There was plenty to choose from, with lunchtime sessions including a walk in the grounds, where we saw some early signs that spring is just around the corner; team building with Outdoor Adventure and Education Manager Mr Brinkmann; and a Sixth Form-run quiz, which also marked LGBTQ+ History Month. Meditation with Miss Niekirk, Marden Assistant Housemistress, complete with relaxing music and printed quotes from our Sacred Heart Sister House Patrons, inspired staff and students to write their reflections (see photos below). Staff really enjoyed 10 mins to “take a break”, “clear my mind”, “be alone with my thoughts for a few minutes” and students commented “I liked the quiet”, “the music was so calming”, “I was nervous for a test in my next lesson but this really helped me to get into a positive headspace”.

Whatever activity everyone chose, hopefully they too left feeling a little more positive, calm and reenergised for the afternoon ahead.

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