Excellent triple bill from drama and PA scholars and Drama Club

Excellent triple bill from drama and PA scholars and Drama Club

6 February 2024

Congratulations to our Key Stage 3 Drama Club performers and director Izzy (Drama Ribbon) on their delightful adaptation of The Little Mermaid, performed to an appreciative audience of family and friends in the auditorium on Monday 5 February.

With more than 30 club members, each of the three acts had a different cast, ensuring everyone had their moment in the spotlight. The whole company took to the stage for a big finish singing ‘Under the Sea’, accompanied by the production’s excellent seven-piece band, led by Music Ribbon Isabel. Assistant Director of Drama Mr Neil O’Gorman praised cast and crew, particularly Izzy on her directorial debut, describing her as an ‘organisational genius’ with great drive and determination.

After a quick change, some of the performers reappeared on stage with fellow KS3 drama and performing arts (PA) scholars to present the fast-paced School Daze, a series of vignettes of school life, many funny, others poignant. A bespoke-to-Woldingham verbal exchange about how Year 7 would approach getting from Top Pitches to the Mill Centre in just five minutes – complete with some Chariots of Fire-style slow motion action – was a particular highlight.

The evening’s triple bill of entertainment concluded with Daisy Pulls It Off, a parody of 1920s adventure stories set in English all-girls boarding schools, presented by KS4 drama and PA scholars. It was easy to know who to root for as our scholars brilliantly portrayed the larger-than-life characters, with Daisy and some delightful chums pitting their wits against some rather less agreeable pupils. It was absolutely ‘spiffing’.

More photos in gallery below.

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