Music scholar Lilico performs in first concert at the Royal College of Music

Music scholar Lilico performs in first concert at the Royal College of Music

23 November 2023

On Saturday 18 September, music scholar Lilico (pictured centre) played in her first concert at the Royal College of Music, where she studies violin every Saturday, following a successful audition earlier this year.

Lilico, Year 11

My Saturdays at the Royal College of Music (RCM) start at 10am with a musicianship class, followed by Sinfonia orchestra rehearsal, choir, string quartet, and a violin lesson. I also study the Alexander Technique, where we learn about posture and how to avoid physical issues that can arise through hours and hours of practice on our instruments. I have made some wonderful friends at RCM who all share my passion and enthusiasm for music and broaden my musical horizons. 

Last weekend, we gave our first RCM orchestral concert. We played ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by Tchaikovsky. This piece is one of my favourites, with beautiful melodies that represent the love between Romeo and Juliet. If you haven’t listened to it yet, I would highly recommend it. Even though we had a last-minute change of conductor, I really enjoyed playing in an orchestra that gave me such a sense of unity. Thank you to my fellow music scholars Cherry and Isabel who came to my concert to listen (pictured with Lilico). 

I’m hugely grateful to my teachers and friends in the wonderful Music Department at Woldingham. They always support and encourage me to pursue my passion for music and give me so many opportunities to enrich my musical life. 

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