Marden boarders enjoy a busy term

Marden boarders enjoy a busy term

22 November 2023

From tea tasting to ice skating, there’s not much our youngest boarders in Years 7 and 8 haven’t managed to pack into afterschool and weekend life at Woldingham this term.

Marden Housemistress Ms Suzanne Kuster is in no doubt that “food, glorious food!”, as she describes it, is a very important element in boarding life. Marden boarders have enjoyed ‘Friday night noodles’ (complete with a singalong), hot chocolate night and plenty of snacks to accompany movie night.

Our boarders are turning out to be dab hands themselves at cooking. The cinnamon apple puff pastries with caramel sauce from a recent baking afternoon didn’t last long enough to be photographed – but there was just enough time to capture their home-made pizzas for posterity (main photo).

Weekend outings have included thrills on the rides at Thorpe Park and last weekend’s ice skating and shopping at Bluewater. Closer to home, boarders have visited the nearby town of Oxted and know the valley like the back of their hand after plenty of exploring and some blackberrying.

As well as taking part in some of the many afterschool activities for all students at Woldingham, Marden boarders have enjoyed some “crafty” afternoons (particularly on a rainy Sunday), including making some lovely lanterns to celebrate Diwali earlier this month. Marden boarders also win the “most frequently seen having fun in the playground” prize. But, of course, they are lucky that it sits right outside their front door.

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