Athena makes the most of exchange experience at sister Sacred Heart school in the USA

Athena makes the most of exchange experience at sister Sacred Heart school in the USA

9 November 2023

Mrs Suzy Woolaway, Deputy Head Co-curricular & Operations

In half term, Year 10 student Athena took part in the Network Exchange Programme, a long-standing tradition within the Sacred Heart community, where students spend two weeks at another Sacred Heart school to broaden their global awareness, academically, socially and culturally, while experiencing a new level of independence within a secure environment. 

As you can read below, Athena had a wonderful time at our sister school, Sacred Heart Greenwich, in Connecticut, USA. Upon her return, Athena’s mum shared with me what a “wonderfully enriching” experience it had been for Athena.

We hope to continue working with Sacred Heart Greenwich, as well as other sister schools around the world, to offer more students this fantastic opportunity in the future.

 Athena, Year 10

I was lucky enough to spend the half term break experiencing life as a student at Sacred Heart Greenwich, in Connecticut, USA. I stayed with a kind and welcoming host family in the town of Sleepy Hollow, in the state of New York, who made sure I had an amazing time. My exchange buddy, Dua, took me to visit New York City and showed me the secret local spots of Sleepy Hollow!  

At Sacred Heart Greenwich it was very easy to integrate into school life as everyone, teachers and students, was so helpful and kind. It was very interesting to experience what it’s like to go to an American high school and also to hear others' perspectives on life in a Sacred Heart school. Chapel every Thursday was such a nice thing to experience.  The whole school came together to reflect and this moment of meditation was a nice way to begin the day, feeling relaxed and reflective.

It was so interesting to understand more about the similarities and differences between Sacred Heart schools across the world and see how the Sacred Heart values are universal and involved in everyday life. Life at Sacred Heart Greenwich was so much fun and there was lots of team spirit, from ‘hype up posters’ on people’s lockers to homecoming spirit week fashion shows in the morning meeting.

This exchange was truly an experience I’ll never forget. I’m so thankful for all the friends and memories I made along the way. 

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