Days of reflection reinforce positive attitudes for the year ahead

Days of reflection reinforce positive attitudes for the year ahead

26 September 2023

Fr Gerry Devlin, Chaplain

Upper Sixth and Year 11 were the first year groups to take part in a Day of Reflection this academic year. These are once again taking place at the Wintershall Estate, Surrey, well known for its outstanding biblical drama productions, with the theme of: “Do not fear……. I have called you by name.” (Isaiah 43:1)

Students took part in four workshops. In the drama workshop we explored the story of Mary Magdalene (John 20:1-18) and discussed the values of thoughtfulness, honesty, fruitfulness, hope, celebration and friendship. In the meditation workshop students had the opportunity to be still, reflect and pray. They also made a bracelet or prayer beads.  Students used their personal growth journal in the leadership session to reflect on their own challenges, development and personal growth, and in the creative journaling workshop, where they created their own individual artwork to reflect their feelings in relation to the Sacred Heart Goal for this academic year – personal growth.  The day ended with the celebration of Mass and a final opportunity to record in their journals their hopes, aspirations and challenges as they try to live out this year’s Sacred Heart Goal in their everyday lives.

The two days were fun and thought-provoking. It was great to work with the students in developing our community spirit, promoting our Sacred Heart Goal, shared values and reinforcing positive attitudes for the year ahead.

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