New experiences for all on Year 9 activity day

New experiences for all on Year 9 activity day

14 September 2023

Vaish T, Year 9

On Tuesday 12 September, Year 9 enjoyed a day of archery, team bonding activities, orienteering and high ropes, which we did in turn in House groups.

My House – Stuart – started with archery, which most of us had never tried before. It took a while to get the hang of hitting the targets but we all improved after a few goes. The session finished with a competition, which I really enjoyed.

Next, we completed six team bonding activities that required each tutor group to work as a team. My favorite was the ‘electric fence’. Two poles and two pieces of horizontal string created three gateways through which the team had to pass. Specifically, four people had to go through the middle gateway, four had to crawl through the bottom one and the last person had to be carried over the top. We all had to work together and think of a strategic plan to get everyone across.

After lunch, Stuart House went orienteering along a regular Woldingham cross country running course, using a map and a compass. We had to answer 10 questions and get a stamp at each point we had to reach along the trail. After a few nettle stings, we finally reached the end and headed to the high ropes course at the Adventure Centre.

Despite not being fond of heights, this was probably the highlight of the day for me. After a safety briefing, we were all harnessed up and ready to go. After getting through all the obstacles, it was an easy zipline down back to the ground.

The great thing about our day was that everyone did something that they had never done before – which links to this year’s Sacred Heart goal, Personal Growth. I want to thank our Head of Year Madame Emery for planning such a wonderful day for us and all the teachers who took part. I had a really great time!

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