Students explore the depths on a scuba diving adventure

Students explore the depths on a scuba diving adventure

5 July 2023

Mrs Paula Schofield, Scuba Diving Club organiser and Teacher of Maths

Last weekend, a group of adventurous students embarked on an unforgettable scuba diving trip to Mercer's Lake, Surrey to undertake their qualifying dives for the Open Water PADI qualification. Having completed their online learning modules and practical skills, the latter in Woldingham’s swimming pool, Anisia, Eva, Hannah, Julia, Manon, Gloria and Audrey were ready to take the plunge into the open water.

Under the guidance of experienced instructors from Oyster Diving, the students showcased their skills and enthusiasm throughout the weekend. The instructors were thoroughly impressed with their performance, as they demonstrated exceptional teamwork, determination, and a genuine excitement for exploring the underwater world. They worked closely with their dive buddies, assembling their scuba gear, performing safety checks, and supporting each other through the whole process. We discovered there was no limit to a dive buddy’s resolve, as they assisted each other in the sometimes-challenging task of putting on wetsuits!

Although Mercer's Lake is not renowned for crystal-clear blue waters and abundant marine life, it was still rather enchanting, with a submerged forest around its perimeter. These trees had been hidden beneath the lake's surface for decades, creating a mysterious and otherworldly environment. Swimming through the underwater trees was an awe-inspiring experience, as the students tried to spot all the fish hiding in the branches.

During these qualifying dives, the students honed their skills and put their theoretical knowledge into practice. They practised buoyancy control, navigational techniques, and safety procedures, ensuring they were well-prepared for the Open Water PADI qualification. Under the guidance of their experienced instructors, the students gained confidence and emerged as capable divers, ready to explore the vast underwater world that awaits them.

Looking ahead, the school has exciting plans for more scuba diving adventures. Next year, a trip to Malta is on the horizon, promising even more thrilling dives and unique discoveries. The students are already buzzing with anticipation, eager to explore the vibrant Mediterranean marine life and uncover the many wrecks and caves that lie beneath Malta's crystal-clear waters.

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