Summer exhibition showcases creativity and ambition of GCSE and A Level art and textiles students

Summer exhibition showcases creativity and ambition of GCSE and A Level art and textiles students

3 July 2023

Miss Siobhan Campbell, Head of Art

Our annual GCSE and A Level Art and Textiles Exhibition on Monday 26 June showcased the outstanding work of our talented, hardworking Year 11 and Sixth Form students. It was an evening of celebration as guests admired and appreciated the work on show and chatted to the artists and teaching staff, who foster such positive and creative relationships with the students.

Lower Sixth students presented their final pieces for their first project. Their accomplishments were truly impressive, demonstrating ambition and commitment to their craft. It is clear they have begun to develop their artistic voices and are poised for further growth and success next year. 

The work produced by Year 11 and Upper Sixth students was in response to their GCSE and A Level project, an intense undertaking set by the exam board that students must complete in a short time frame. Despite the pressure, all the students rose to the challenge and truly blossomed as budding artists during their projects. The range of work on display was exciting, with ambitious explorations in scale and the use of materials.

Year 11 artists students really embraced this opportunity. Our young artists’ pieces were of such remarkable quality they could easily be mistaken for A Level work.

It was, perhaps, our Upper Sixth art and textiles students who stole the show. Their remarkable work displayed the high quality and commitment of our students across various artistic disciplines, including fashion, film, painting, sculpture, and installation. Their dedication and creativity were evident in every aspect of their work. It is inspiring to see our students pushing boundaries and making such meaningful contributions to the world of art.  

We are delighted our Upper Sixth leavers have secured impressive offers from renowned institutions including Central Saint Martins, Kingston, and Bournemouth for foundation courses, Parsons School of Design, New York for fashion, and the University of Glasgow for architecture. We are immensely proud of them as they embark on their next artistic journeys.

Congratulations to all the students involved in the GCSE and A Level Art and Textiles Exhibition. They have set a very high standard for future aspiring artists at Woldingham.  

I’m sure you will enjoy the photos from the exhibition in the gallery below.

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