Woldingham and Orpheus students collaborate on art project with an important message

Woldingham and Orpheus students collaborate on art project with an important message

22 June 2023

Over the past couple of months, on Wednesdays after school, Woldingham students Annabelle, Jovie, Lilico, Linda and Tang Tang have been working with students from the Orpheus Centre (a local college, which aims to inspire and empower young students with disabilities to live fulfilling, independent lives through the arts) on an art project, run by Woldingham's artist in residence, Miss Eilise Lancaster.  The theme of the project was “Don’t underestimate what people are capable of”.  Sixth Former Linda jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with Orpheus students for a second time, as she explains below.

Linda L, Lower Sixth

Having worked with the Orpheus Centre on a performing arts project when I first joined Woldingham, I was so glad to meet Jasmin again. Reunited, we embarked on a new artistic journey to showcase our growth as individuals.

Working on an art piece themed "Don't underestimate what people are capable of" has been yet another profound experience that challenged and inspired me in many ways. From the moment we discussed the theme, it was evident Jasmin had an intuitive understanding of the message and a strong desire to convey it through her art. We decided to create a mixture of 3D and 2D pictures of us holding up a pink and purple planet together. It showcases women’s empowerment and that, together, we can achieve great things.

Miss Owen often tells us that staff at the Orpheus Centre really appreciate our work and the valuable lessons their students pick up from us. Personally, I feel that I learn far more from Jasmin and the other Orpheus students. Their innate kindness and loving spirits are truly inspiring. The lessons they teach me go far beyond what I could ever impart to them.

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