Expert-led casting workshop expands Sixth Form art and textiles students’ artistic avenues

Expert-led casting workshop expands Sixth Form art and textiles students’ artistic avenues

22 June 2023

Mineh S, Art Ribbon

On Tuesday 20 June, Lower Sixth art and textile students took part in a stimulating one-day ‘Body and Object Casting’ workshop led by Rebecca Griffiths, an experienced artist who studied sculpture at the Royal College of Art. It was a great introduction to the potential of casting as a valuable method in our individual art practices.

The workshop began with an engaging presentation on Rebecca’s art residency in Suffolk and how the local environment, including nuclear power plants and wildlife, inspired her personal work. She then showed us a wide range of materials we could use, the different types of moulds available, and the various applications of casting.

During the workshop, we learnt how to create simple moulds using alginate and clay, exploring the possibilities of replicating textures and patterns found in nature and everyday objects. We experimented with pouring plaster into these moulds, observing how it solidified and took the shape of our chosen objects and body parts. The transformation of liquid material into a tangible, three-dimensional form was fascinating and motivated many of us to experiment by manipulating our moulds to create unique plaster sculptures. One of my fellow participants said that the experience has launched a “deeper interest into the possibilities of the art of casting”.

We are all very grateful for the fantastic opportunity to participate in this workshop. Rebecca’s guidance and expertise enhanced our understanding and skills and provided invaluable insights into the world of sculpture and casting, which will contribute to our Upper Sixth coursework and serve as valuable additions to our portfolios for university applications or future artistic endeavours.

The workshop also ignited a passion for casting and encouraged us to embrace the endless possibilities within this artistic technique. We are now equipped with the knowledge, skills, and inspiration to embark on our artistic journeys with renewed enthusiasm.

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