Captivating tales from professional storyteller inspire and impress

Captivating tales from professional storyteller inspire and impress

26 May 2023

Ms Amanda Owens, Librarian

Renowned storyteller Pomme Clayton brought magical fairytales and mysterious legends to life for students in Years 7 to 10 on Friday 26 May. Pomme’s captivating tales featured such things as a green snake, a grandmother spider, and a prince ‘who wouldn’t shut up’. They were performed brilliantly, sometimes with the help of unusual musical instruments and a large tambourine, which made everyone jump with perfect timing as a witch was revealed. Pomme’s stories often featured powerful, clever, funny and eccentric girl characters, a real interest of hers.

Pomme co-founded The Company of Storytellers in 1985, which spearheaded storytelling in the UK. I first met her many years ago at a performance she gave at the British Library and have since listened, spellbound, to her at festivals and venues including The Barbican, The British Council and The Royal Opera House. I was delighted to see that Woldingham students were equally entranced as they listened to Pomme’s wonderful stories.  A real post-exam treat.

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