Fishbourne Palace trip brings Roman Britain to life for Year 7

Fishbourne Palace trip brings Roman Britain to life for Year 7

25 May 2023

Charlotte W, Year 7

On Wednesday 24 May, the Latin Department treated Year 7 to a historical adventure, taking us back in time to Fishbourne Roman Palace in Sussex - the largest Roman building in Britain.

This lavish palace, dating back to 75 AD – only 20 years after the Roman conquest of Britain - gives visitors a glimpse into the life of ancient Roman royalty. It houses a collection of mosaics which are incredibly well preserved considering their age.

To take us through the palace’s 2000 year long history, we took part in a museum knowledge hunt, watched an informative video showing us what life was like for the Romans who once lived there, and got to handle ancient artefacts in a workshop on domestic life in Roman Britain. Some of us also had a lot of fun dressing up as wealthy Roman Britons and household slaves (main photo).

The palace gardens were also spectacular, structured into formal designs favoured by the ancient Romans. As a final treat, there was even a Roman-themed shop offering a variety books, jewellery, and gifts. Overall, it was an unforgettable event, which gave us the chance to take our Latin lessons from the classroom to the real world.


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