Sports Awards celebrate role models and sporting achievements

Sports Awards celebrate role models and sporting achievements

24 May 2023

On Friday 19 May, Woldingham celebrated sport in style, with our inaugural Marden Sports Awards after school and annual Sports Dinner and Awards in the evening. Both lovely events were made even more special thanks to inspiring words from Commonwealth gold medal winner Montell Douglas, who made history as the first woman to represent Great Britain at both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games (as a sprinter and then in the bobsleigh).

As well awarding prizes for the coach's player and players’ player for teams across the year groups, the evening highlighted the sporting achievements of the Upper Sixth who leave this summer. Special mentions go to Upper Sixth form students Maddie L, Woldingham’s outgoing Sport Ribbon, who won The Sacred Heart Association Cup for Outstanding Contribution to School Sport, Jessie B for winning Sports Personality of the Year and Luisa v D for The Castle Cup. Woldingham’s Sportswoman of the Year was Year 11 student Oksana v R.

“Our evening event was once again superbly attended. It’s always great to see the appreciation and support that our students give each other and to share highlights of the sporting year with parents.  We were delighted to celebrate our first Marden Awards this year with our younger students being recognised more formally than in their usual year assembly. It was wonderful that they were also able to hear from Montell about her achievements and the challenges she has faced in sport. No doubt she will inspire our students to even greater sporting achievements in the year ahead,” said Mrs Caroline Treacy, Woldingham’s Director of Sport.

Sportswoman of the Year Oksana v R, Year 11

Oksana made her mark in January with tremendous achievements at the British Schoolgirls’ Ski Races in France. She came second in the non-registered U16 Giant Slalom and first in the Combined Giant Slalom, winning the New Flaine Cup.

Sports Personality of the Year Jessie B, Upper Sixth

You cannot pass Jessie at school without her smiling, saying hello and asking how you are. She is hugely respected by her peers and especially in her hockey squad. With so much enthusiasm and constant energy, she brings joy to every training session and match.

The Sacred Heart Association Cup Maddie L, Upper Sixth

Maddie is a superb role model who understands the hard work it takes to be great. She has always been passionate about swimming throughout her time at Woldingham and has set high standards of commitment to training and achieving excellent results. She has also been an excellent Sport Ribbon and members of the PE Department truly respect her and value her contribution to school sport.

Highly Commended Alex S and Katy N, Upper Sixth

Alex and Katy have immersed themselves in school sport over the past seven years. They have represented Woldingham in all sports, but both have excelled on the hockey pitch in particular. They are highly respected by all and have made a real impact on school sport.

The Castle Cup Luisa v D, Upper Sixth

Luisa is superb team player and always brings her positivity onto court, motivating and encouraging her team. The PE Department would describe her as a natural leader and someone who always goes that extra step to support her team.

Team of the Year Woldingham A Ski Team

This year’s winning team of Megan v R, Year 9, Oksana v R, Year 11, and Sophie V-E, Year 11, had the best ski season in Woldingham history. Taking part in the Slalom, Giant Slalom and Combined events at the British Schoolgirls’ Ski Races, the Woldingham A Ski Team finished as the 3rd placed non-registered team in this national competition.

Junior Cross Country Coach's Award Daisy L, Year 7
Senior Cross Country Coach's Award Sophie W, Lower Sixth
Lower Junior Swimming Coach's Award  Zoe T, Year 7
Junior Swimming Coach's Award  Lara S, Year 9
Inter Swimming Coach's Award Lily O, Year 10
Senior Swimming Coach's Award  Maddie L, Upper Sixth
U12A Netball Players’ Player Freya F
U12A Netball Coach's Player Delphie M
U12B Netball Players’ Player Mathilda U
U12B Netball Coach's Player Emi O
U12C Netball Players’ Player Daisy O
U12C Netball Coach's Player Lila H
U13A Netball Players’ Player Leelee T
U13A Netball Coach's Player  Maia W
U13B Netball Players’ Player  Matilda M
U13B Netball Coach’s Player  Maisie W
U13C Netball Players’ Player Isabella T
U13C Netball Coach's Player  Isabelle G
U14A Netball Players’ Player Amelia A
U14A Netball Coach's Player  Mimi G
U14B Netball Players’ Player Laura W
U14B Netball Coach's Player  Emilia H
U14C Netball Players’ Player Clemmie L
U14C Netball Coach's Player Chloe F
U15A Netball Players’ Player Margo V
U15A Netball Coach's Player Margo V
U15B Netball Players’ Player Erin K
U15B Netball Coach's Player Lana T
U15C Netball Players’ Player Rosie O
U15C Netball Coach's Player Eva Q
1st VII Netball Players’ Player Nicole W, Upper Sixth
1st VII Netball Coach's Player Luisa v D, Upper Sixth
2nd VII Netball Players’ Player Alison N, Lower Sixth
2nd VII Netball Coach's Player Bella V, Upper Sixth
3rd VII Netball Players’ Player Autumn C, Year 11
3rd VII Netball Coach's Player Saffron P, Upper Sixth
U12A Hockey Players’ Player  Charlotte B
U12A Hockey Coach's Player  Charlotte B
U12B Hockey Players’ Player  Lila H
U12B Hockey Coach's Player  Lila H
U12C Hockey Players’ Player  Sofia S
U12C Hockey Coach's Player Paloma L
U13A Hockey Players’ Player  Georgia R
U13A Hockey Coach's Player Emma W
U13B Hockey Players’ Player  Georgina O
U13B Hockey Coach's Player Ivy B-W
U13C Hockey Players’ Player  Emily L
U13C Hockey Coach's Player Matilda M
U14A Hockey Players’ Player  Amy M
U14A Hockey Coach's Player Gracie H
U14B Hockey Players’ Player  Laura W
U14B Hockey Coach's Player Scarlett C
U15A Hockey Players’ Player  Lily O
U15A Hockey Coach's Player Ellie E
U15B Hockey Players’ Player  Naima-Grace O
U15B Hockey Coach's Player Chloe B
1st XI Players’ Player  Katy N, Upper Sixth
1st XI  Coach's Player Rosie J, Upper Sixth
2nd XI Players’ Player  Nina M, Upper Sixth
2nd XI  Coach's Player Madelief v T, Lower Sixth

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