Geographers enjoy blending learning and fun on Dorset fieldtrip

Geographers enjoy blending learning and fun on Dorset fieldtrip

24 May 2023

 Loreen K, Year 10

Our trip to Dorset and the Jurassic Coast on 12 to 14 May was a wonderful blend of learning and fun, giving us valuable insights into geography and allowing us to appreciate the wonders of nature.

On the first day, we kayaked along Swanage Bay, learning the basics of paddling from experienced instructors while enjoying the breathtaking coastal scenery. Then, we had an outdoor learning session about Old Harry's Rock and the beach, where the teacher guided us through the changes in sand colour and plant types as we walked from the coastline to the interior. This deepened our understanding of the features and processes.

Our second day was dedicated to river investigations, where we focused on the Bradshaw Model and hypotheses we had made beforehand. Each of us stepped into the river and took measurements. This was very different to how we learn in class, and it helped us connect theory to real-world observations. After the investigation, we visited Swanage's vibrant town centre located by the seaside. We walked along the streets and visited local shops, which created another special bond between us and the town.

For me, the hike to Durdle Door was the highlight of the trip. This iconic natural limestone arch is the embodiment of the sublime beauty of nature. The fog we had on that day only amplified its mysterious aura. It was a remarkable sight that left a lasting impression on all of us. As a delightful conclusion to our journey, we were also treated to delicious ice cream from a local vendor.

We stayed in youth hostels, run by friendly and welcoming staff. I shared an ensuite room with three of my friends, which brought back memories of boarding in Year 9, when we used to share rooms. The trip was a unique experience. The memories we created and the bonds we formed forever hold a special place in my heart.

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