Winning photographs capture a wonderful variety of STEM-related subjects

Winning photographs capture a wonderful variety of STEM-related subjects

11 May 2023

Mr Paul Rickard, Head of Science

Professional photographer – and competition judge – Mr Kim Scott-Clark was very impressed by the high quality and creativity of the entries in this year’s STEM Photography Competition, open to both students and staff. 

After much deliberation, Mr Scott-Clark selected the winning photographs as follows:

In Year 7, Zoe M's photo of a burning stack of pallets won the top prize. Mr Scott-Clark commented how well the photo captured the energy and heat of the fire, while also highlighting the strength of the wooden structure.

In Year 8, Peach C’s photo of a modern door and an old, illuminated boat caught Mr Scott-Clarke’s attention with its great composition and contrast.

Laila T’s photo of a split moment in time, with hair flying, won the top prize in Year 10 for its sense of energy - almost like a Van de Graaff generator. Anna H-C’s photo was the runner-up in Year 10, with its sci-fi feel that makes the viewer ponder quite what they are looking at.

In Year 11, Charlotte W’s photo of a robin impressed with its sharpness and texture. Isadora’s photo, featuring a car mirror and nature together, was the Year 11 runner-up.

Maddie L was the Upper Sixth winner for her photo taken through a microscope, which Mr Scott-Clark praised for its sharpness.

The staff winner was Miss Bamber, whose photo of natural architecture is reminiscent of the Eden Project or outdoor pods at restaurants and bars. Miss Dohni's photo, featuring the beautiful green LED light used to excite the fluorophores on nanoparticles, took the runner-up spot. The light was shining through a fluorescence microscope, creating a stunning image that captured the essence of STEM research.

Congratulations to all the winners and runners-up for their superb photos, all of which are shown in the gallery below. Special thanks to Mr Scott-Clark for his efforts in judging all the entries.

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