Success for Woldingham students in science communication competition

Success for Woldingham students in science communication competition

11 May 2023

Mr Paul Rickard, Head of Science

Congratulations to Lower Sixth STEM Society members Lara F and Alison N for outstanding performances at the Science Snippets competition, held at Tonbridge School on Wednesday 10 May.  In a very competitive field of students from local schools, both students presented with clarity and confidence, with Lara emerging as the competition winner in her age category and Alison taking third place.

The Science Snippets competition showcases the skill of science communication by challenging students to explain difficult scientific concepts in just four minutes in a way that would be understood by 13-year-olds. High quality science communication is vital. Being able to explain complex ideas in a way that is accessible and engaging for a non-scientific audience is a skill that is highly sought after in today's world.

The competition covered a wide array of topics, ranging from the expansion of the universe to the use of parasites to cure disease. Lara's talk centred on epigenetics, a complex topic that can be difficult to explain even to advanced students, but she managed to break it down in an understandable way that her audience could grasp. Alison talked about how robotic mannequins could be used to teach medicine, a concept that was not only intriguing but also highly relevant to our current world.

Both students captivated their audience. They are an inspiration to other students, and their success is testament to the quality of STEM education provided at Woldingham.

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