Latin and classics students explore London’s ancient past

Latin and classics students explore London’s ancient past

11 May 2023

Nine students from Years 9 to Lower Sixth stepped back in time after school on Thursday 4 May with a visit to the London Mithraeum.

Alice S, Year 9

Before it was London, it was Londinium. And if you know where to look, there are signs of London’s Roman past everywhere. We went to visit one of these – the Mithraeum. This is a museum and the site of a temple dedicated to the cult of the god Mithras, from around the first century AD. The museum is located right in the City of London, surrounded by new and modern buildings. But once you step inside, you can step back into the Roman past.

Several interactive exhibitions helped us explore Roman artifacts and London’s Roman history. An immersive experience, complete with lights, smoke, and a representation of Mithras himself, let us experience what the temple might have been like almost 2000 years ago. It was a really fun trip and a great chance to bring some of our Latin and classics lessons to life.

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