History Society marks Holocaust Memorial Day at assembly

History Society marks Holocaust Memorial Day at assembly

27 January 2023

Members of Woldingham’s History Society prepared and led this week’s whole school assembly to mark Holocaust Memorial Day on 27 January. Lower Sixth Formers Anisia, Alya, Anja, Ava, Daisy and Imo focused on this year’s theme, “Ordinary People”, sharing the moving stories of Holocaust survivors, a resistance fighter, and a woman who risked her life helping Jewish children in Warsaw.

Conducting research about the Holocaust for a school project has made Year 11 student Zoe decide to do an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) on the topic in the Sixth Form.

Zoe B, Year 11

Researching the Holocaust for my project I learnt many new ideas and facts, which I was not previously aware of. Something I found very interesting was how the Nazis hid the truth about the murders they were committing by using euthanasia terminology. They would also spread misinformation, such as telling the relatives of the deceased that their loved one had died of a “disease”. The fact that the Nazis began by killing children was even more shocking to me and made me begin to realise the scale of the psychological trauma people experienced. I am now even more interested in discovering the deeper reality of the Nazis’ actions and will explore this further in my EPQ.

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