Online talk for parents explores complex world of teenage friendships

Online talk for parents explores complex world of teenage friendships

23 January 2023

Miss Charlotte Owen, Head of Marden

On the evening of Wednesday 18 January, Alicia Drummond, Teen Tips’ founder who runs Woldingham’s Wellbeing Hub, gave an excellent online talk called Helping Your Child Have Good Relationships to parents of students in Years 7-9.

Alicia, a qualified counsellor and child psychotherapist, explored the complex world of teenage friendships and what parents can do to help their daughters have happy, healthy relationships with others. She candidly looked at how parental interventions can help or hinder when girls fall out with others, and discussed what parents should do if concerned that bullying might be an issue. At Woldingham, we realise that Years 7-9 are usually the time when students have the most difficulty with friendship issues, notably because they are still maturing and finding their way through the early stages of secondary school. Friendship issues in school can often cause upset at home and we appreciate that parents can feel the knock-on effect of this. Alicia’s talk hopefully proved useful for parents to be able to navigate these sometimes tricky situations in a way that allows their daughters to overcome adversity faced when trying to establish good relationships with peers.

We are very grateful for Alicia’s words of wisdom and look forward to welcoming her back to Woldingham again in the future. 

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