Aachen Christmas market trip makes for a festive treat

Aachen Christmas market trip makes for a festive treat

7 December 2022

Although its Christmas market was the main reason for students studying German in Years 8 and 9 to travel to Aachen at the start of December, they enjoyed many of its other attractions, as well as the whole experience of travelling.

Leonora S, Year 9

The journey to Aachen took roughly ten hours (including a two-hour ferry), but I was surprised how much fun it was. Our trip started with a guided tour round the beautiful city of Aachen, including the Elisenbrunnen pump room.  Although it smelt of eggs, we were all very grateful for the flowing taps of warm spring water to warm up our hands in the freezing weather. We visited the stunning Aachener Dom (Aachen Cathedral) and read out presentations we had prepared in lessons before the trip. Then we enjoyed our first visit to the huge Aachener Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas market), where we had delicious currywurst for lunch.

In the afternoon, we went to the zoo, which was really fun. We could go into the goats’ pen and feed them – they were so cute. Later we spent another hour at the market, followed by dinner at a traditional German Brauhaus. Sadly, we had to leave Germany later that day, but the coach journey on the way back was just as much fun as on the way out (although we did sleep most of the way).

Eliska S, Year 9

My highlights of the trip were feeding the goats at the zoo, walking around the Christmas market and trying the delicious Printen, a traditional gingerbread from Aachen. I learnt many new German words, for example Schafe, which means sheep. It was a very enjoyable trip.

Scarlett C, Year 9

The ferry trip to France was loads of fun. There were amazing views from the deck – we enjoyed seeing the white cliffs of Dover and a pretty sunset over Calais. Aachen Cathedral was gorgeous, with lots of stained-glass windows and tiled roofs.

Ella A, Year 9

I thought that our coach journey would be boring, but it was actually really fun. We all sang songs together and laughed - everyone got along and had a good time. The ferry was also surprisingly enjoyable – its size was astounding and the view of the sea was gorgeous.



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