Upper Sixth Wine Society in full flow

Upper Sixth Wine Society in full flow

17 November 2022

Miss Jamie Gallagher

Woldingham’s Wine Society course for Upper Sixth students, which Miss Chan and I are running, looks at how wine is made, the reasons for different aromas and tastes and what to look for when selecting a wine.

Last week, we focused on white wine, trying four very different wines. We began with a Pinot Grigio, followed by Sauvignon Blanc and a rather expensive Chardonnay before ending with most of the Sixth Formers’ favourite, a very sweet Moscato.

In the remaining sessions we will taste a selection of red, rosé and sparkling wines, with our final “Christmas special” focusing on Champagne and Prosecco, accompanied by a chocolate fountain and strawberries.

The aim of this five-week course is to provide students with skills, knowledge and enjoyment. We have space for a few more Upper Sixth students to join us. Please get in touch for a parent consent form. 

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