Dineen Lecture offers a great lesson in achieving sustainable success

Dineen Lecture offers a great lesson in achieving sustainable success

14 October 2022

Woldingham’s entrepreneurs of the future – of which there are clearly many – had far more questions than time allowed for Lucy Macnamara, Founder & Director of sustainable and ethical fashion brand Aspiga, who gave this year’s Dineen Lecture* on Friday 14 October.

Lucy explained how she developed the business from its origins on her kitchen table to an award-winning online shop and stores all around the country. She described the many highs and also the lows on this journey. Lucy had plenty of advice for Woldingham students thinking of running their own business in the future. This included to be passionate about your product and listen to the many people who will undoubtedly offer advice but then be selective and trust your gut feeling. She said entrepreneurs need to be resilient and flexible and to build a team that you trust and have fun with. Lucy also passed on a favourite piece of advice from a former boss that has served her well: “Keep your eyes on the horizon and your feet on the ground”.

More generally, Lucy told her audience to always do whatever job you are doing, at whatever level, to the very best of your ability, “and you will get noticed”.

As Woldingham seeks to develop the school’s environment strategy and plans, Lucy’s commitment to sustainability in all aspects of Aspiga’s operations was inspiring. Hearing about the many initiatives that have been put in place was invaluable. Lucy is also grounded in realism about sustainability, saying “No one’s ever perfect, it’s a moving journey and we’re just trying to improve every day.”  A sentiment that feels applicable to so many aspects of life.

Thank you to Lucy and to Amanda Kennett, Chair of WPSA, organiser of this year’s lecture, which will undoubtedly live long in many memories.

* The Dineen Lecture is financed by a gift from parents, following Dr Dineen’s retirement as Headmistress of Woldingham in 1997. It was her wish that an annual lecture be delivered by a notable person, or persons, whose personality and achievements can provide inspiration to the girls.

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