Upper Sixth students study coastal defences and human geography in Somerset

Upper Sixth students study coastal defences and human geography in Somerset

12 October 2022

Tilda G, Academic Ribbon

Not only was our recent four-day Upper Sixth geography trip to the field study centre at Nettlecombe Court, Somerset a lot of fun, but it’s also going to be a great help with the non-exam assessment of our geography A Level, which will account for 25% of our final grade.

We spent the first couple of days in Minehead, discussing the coastal defences installed along the beach to prevent flooding. It was very interesting to see how the community has adapted its coastal management in light of the rising sea levels and more frequent storms which have occurred due to climate change. With the cost of upholding coastal defences on the rise, the success and flaws of Minehead’s management scheme, and our conclusions on how resilient the local community has been in the face of adversity, will form part of our written assessment.

For the human geography topic Changing Places, we visited Watchet, a quintessential seaside town with a population of only 3,500. We spent time observing what aspects of the town give Watchet its sense of place and character and spoke to some members of the local community about what Watchet means to them.

Now back at school, we are busy writing up our research before beginning our coursework essay, which can be either on the topic of Coasts or Changing Places. As our Year 11 geography trip to Swanage didn’t happen due to COVID, this was a particularly special trip with friends and teachers who share my passion for geography.

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