University options, applications and life explored at Higher Education Conference

University options, applications and life explored at Higher Education Conference

24 June 2022

Miss Jamie Gallagher, Director of Higher Education & Careers

Our Lower Sixth students are currently part way through their bespoke five-day Higher Education Conference, designed to inform, advise and prepare them for university applications next term.

The conference kicked off on Wednesday 15 June with a talk from UCAS Co-ordinator Miss Matthews and me on the current landscape of higher education and UK university offer trends. We then supported all students in setting up and starting the UCAS application process.

The following morning, we ran a session for the Lower Sixth on how to write a personal statement and what admissions staff are looking for. David Hawkins, our external international applications adviser, spoke about options for studying abroad and the different application processes involved. The students then chose one of four applications workshops – international; Oxbridge; Batchelor of Science degrees/medical; or Batchelor of Arts. In the afternoon, students enjoyed a networking lunch with some alumnae. This included a session on gap years and the benefit of taking time away from education to build work experience, skills and travel. There was also a Q&A session with alumnae, most of them in their first year at university, who had lots of great tips and advice.

The very important topic of student finance was covered with both students and parents on Wednesday 22 June. Abigail Foster, founder of Elent, offered advice on student loans, budgeting and other university costs.

Our Higher Education Conference relocates from Woldingham to London on Friday 24 June for a university fair, with opportunities to speak to representatives from lots of different universities and attend seminars on how to choose a course or institution.

To conclude this year’s conference, students will put some of what they have learnt into practice by completing the first draft of their personal statement.

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