A memorable night with Bugsy Malone in Fat Sam’s Speakeasy

A memorable night with Bugsy Malone in Fat Sam’s Speakeasy

23 June 2022

A riotously good time was had by all – both on stage and off - at the Year 7-9 performances of Bugsy Malone on Thursday 16 and Friday 17 June.

Sensational singing, acting and dancing from a cast of close to 60 students was accompanied by marvellous music from an on-stage band of musicians born to play in Fat Sam’s Speakeasy.

For most of the performers it was their first major production since lockdown. For many, their first since junior school. Everyone threw themselves into it wholeheartedly and – together with a superb crew - created a memorable treat for an auditorium packed on both nights. Lots of custard pies and splurge were the icing on the cake!

Woldingham’s Director of Drama Miss Stacey William expressed her pride in the cast, band and crew who created one of Woldingham’s largest-ever productions in just five weeks, saying: “I am so proud of how our students pulled together as a team to create memories that will last a lifetime. Everyone should be buzzing with happiness and satisfaction at our collective achievement. Roll on the next production!”

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