Flexible combined honours degree a perfect fit for CJ

Flexible combined honours degree a perfect fit for CJ

26 May 2022

It was fascinating to hear about flexible combined honours degree courses from former Woldingham student CJ in our latest “In Conversation With” on Thursday 26 May.  CJ, who left Woldingham in 2021, is studying classical studies and biology at the University of Exeter, and describes the course as “pick ‘n mix” as students can choose to combine any two subjects offered at Exeter.

Chatting to Woldingham’s Head of Classics, Dr Jess Dixon, CJ described finding out about the flexible combined honours course in the Lower Sixth, with the help of Woldingham’s careers team, and thinking, “that’s for me”, having been torn between studying biology and classics at university.

CJ’s parting advice to students starting to consider university options was, “Relax a bit. Choose something because you really want to do it and can see yourself putting the hours into it, not just as a means to an end.”

CJ also mentioned that a prize for progress in Latin in Year 7 had been one of several factors in forming a passion for all things classical. Food for thought with Prize Day just two days away.

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