Former Head Girl offers students wide-ranging advice and support

Former Head Girl offers students wide-ranging advice and support

12 May 2022

In our latest “In conversation with” session, former Woldingham Head Girl Susie Triffitt had lots of fantastic advice for students as she chatted with Head of Theology Mr Ross on Thursday 12 May.  

Susie read theology and philosophy at the University of Oxford and completed her MPhil at Cambridge. Though the one-to-one or small group tutoring system used by both universities suited her very well, Susie told students that it’s not right for everyone. She also urged anyone considering a degree in philosophy to look in detail at each university’s syllabus as course content varies significantly.

In answer to a question about personal statements, Susie reassured students they don’t need to try to read the entire contents of the library. Her advice was to include no more than four key topics. These should be things that you’re very interested in, have researched thoroughly (Woldingham’s access to JSTOR is a great resource that she recommends), can talk knowledgably about, and ideally something you’ve not covered in class.

Very generously, Susie offered to read students’ personal statements and to lend a hand in any other way that she can, including drawing on the knowledge and skills of her many Woldingham alumnae friends. A wonderful demonstration that membership of the school community doesn’t stop at the end of the Upper Sixth.

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