The New Forest beckons as Year 10 students complete DofE Silver training

The New Forest beckons as Year 10 students complete DofE Silver training

23 March 2022

Mrs Sarah Lane, Silver DofE Coordinator

On Saturday 19 March, Year 10 students began a busy day of training for their Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award by testing their tent pitching skills. As everyone had done their Bronze award, this was completed with great efficiency. Each group remembered well how to peg out the ground sheet, unravel and fix the guide ropes, as well as how to pack the tents and poles away again in a surprisingly tiny bag.

The next session was spent thinking about packing for their expeditions. The Silver practice expedition will take place in the New Forest in May and the assessed expedition in the South Downs at the start of the summer holiday. The importance of dressing and packing appropriately, depending on weather conditions, was stressed strongly.

Before lunch, the students also had to remind themselves how to set up and safely light the Trangia stoves. One of the aims of the expedition is to be able to cook hot meals whilst camping for two nights.

The afternoon was spent on route planning. Each group had to plan its route for the two-day expedition in the New Forest. Map reading skills are essential for a successful walk if the groups are to reach the various checkpoints and campsites on time.

After a final debrief session, everyone is now well prepared and looking forward to May and the practice expedition.

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