Climbers’ confidence and skills scale new heights

Climbers’ confidence and skills scale new heights

22 March 2022

Mr Nick Rae, Climbing Club organiser and Head of Tennis

After a term of expert instruction and lots of practice at a local climbing and bouldering centre, members of Woldingham’s Climbing Club have developed solid footwork and excellent body position techniques.  This has enabled them to tackle some of the more difficult routes at the centre, which range from those suitable for beginners up to competition standard. Many of our students have moved through grade 4 and 5 routes and are now successfully completing 6A and 6A+ grades.

As well as offering a good physical workout, climbing helps people develop problem solving skills, as they need to pre-plan a route up the wall. It’s also a great way of switching off from the cares of the day. As Upper Sixth club member Theodora says: “I always find rock climbing an effective distraction from schoolwork. Sometimes I’ll arrive with a mind full of worries, but when I’m on the wall my focus is only on getting to the top and challenging myself physically”.

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