A feast of problem-solving for students at maths competition

A feast of problem-solving for students at maths competition

14 March 2022

Mr Edward Amponsah, Teacher of maths

Eight Year 10 students did a fantastic job representing Woldingham at the Maths Feast competition, which took place at the George Abbot School, Guildford, on Thursday 3 March.

Run by the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme, this fun competition tests problem-solving and teamwork skills and comprises four rounds requiring students to apply a range of skills and strategies for success.

The students formed two teams of four and received the following awards:

Isadora, Bella, Constance and Andrea - 2nd in Rounds 1 and 4, 3rd in Round 3

Caitlin, Charlotte, Jessica and Noemi – 2nd in Round 3

They all enjoyed the event, as their feedback below shows.

“My first maths competition was fun and it was great to work with my classmates as a team.”  Jessica

“The competition involved some challenging problem-solving questions, which were different to normal questions in class. My favourite round was the relay because it was an interesting way of collaborating with each other to complete all the questions.”  Caitlin

“I experienced the joy of maths. Some of the questions were quite tricky but I found the process of solving them really interesting. I can’t forget the moment when we worked out the trickiest question together - the feeling of pride and excitement was fabulous.”  Bella

 “I found this competition very interesting and fun. It helped me improve my teamwork, collaboration, and communication skills and instilled drive and perseverance. It also helped me develop my problem-solving skills and I learned to think outside the box.” Constance

“The competition was a precious opportunity to develop our critical thinking ability and maths problem-solving skills. It was fun to solve questions with my teammates and work out the answers together. I liked the fourth round the most, where we had to complete the questions in relay form and use the other pair’s answer to work out our answer. The process was exciting since it required seamless teamwork and communication between pairs.”  Isadora

“The Maths Feast event not only tested our knowledge of mathematics but also our teamwork. I particularly enjoyed the round where we had to figure out the method to find out the solutions by just looking at the examples as I found it the most challenging.”  Andrea

“The competition was very enjoyable and it was great to work with others to solve the questions. It was a new experience for me and definitely something I'd like to do again. I especially liked the competitive side of it, as it was a new way for us to apply our learning outside of exams.”  Charlotte

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