Drama Ribbon's directorial debut a huge success

Drama Ribbon's directorial debut a huge success

1 March 2022

Miss Stacey Williams, Director of Drama

On Monday 28 February, students and staff were treated to a charming performance of Shrek ‘an adaption’, performed by our Key Stage 3 Drama Club, and directed by Drama Ribbon Oriana.

When Oriana became Drama Ribbon she was determined to use the opportunity to create an inclusive performance opportunity where students can grow in confidence and community, as well as develop their drama skills. As a result, she agreed to lead and direct the KS3 Drama Club for a school audience performance and rehearsals for Shrek ‘an adaptation’  began.

Throughout the project, Oriana has gone beyond the role of a director, organising everything from sound to rehearsal schedules, script editing to teaching essential drama skills, all the time encouraging commitment, enthusiasm and positivity in her Year 7 to 9 performers. Oriana’s energy and approach has been infectious. Over the past few weeks I have seen this group of around 20 students build bonds that will last throughout their time at Woldingham.

Both cast and director should be very proud of Monday’s performance, which was the perfect example of what is possible when students are empowered and given the space to develop their creative, entrepreneurial skills without restrictions. Shrek ‘an adaptation’ was entertaining, funny, well performed and, above all, a fully ensemble piece of theatre, which each and every student involved loved as much as the audience.

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