A Level French students explore New Wave film movement at BFI study day

A Level French students explore New Wave film movement at BFI study day

7 February 2022

Mme Christelle Maillot, Head of French

Sixth Formers studying French immersed themselves in the work of influential French film director François Truffaut on a study day at the BFI (British Film Institute) in London on Thursday 27 January.

Conducted mainly in French, the morning consisted of a clip-based presentation setting out the themes and styles of the New Wave, a French art film movement beginning in the late 1950s. This highlighted important films, analysed key scenes, looked at the New Wave’s influence on filmmakers then and now, and explained why François Truffaut is recognised as one of the founders of the movement. In the afternoon we enjoyed an introduced screening of François Truffaut’s film The 400 Blows.

The students found the day both enjoyable and helpful, as they describe below.

Sophie, Upper Sixth: It was very useful to refresh ‘Les 400 Coups’ before my mocks after half term and the day will help me when discussing Truffaut’s intentions in essays.

Emma, Lower Sixth: The speaker was very clear and easy to understand and I really enjoyed how interactive the day was.

Rose, Lower Sixth: Rewatching ‘Les 400 Coups’ was very helpful as I now understand new aspects of it and can use them for my essays. I also enjoyed meeting students from other schools and hearing their viewpoints.

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