New boarders Micaela and Muzeni look back at a first term packed with fun

New boarders Micaela and Muzeni look back at a first term packed with fun

9 December 2021

Micaela and Muzeni, Year 9 boarders

Our first term at Woldingham has been full of incredible opportunities and new experiences. It’s a new chapter in life where everything is possible.

One of the most enjoyable aspects is boarding. It’s full of the best people and there’s always positive energy going around. We are 30 girls in Year 9 and we’re always together as a team and as a family. During the week we focus on our work but when it gets to Friday all we are thinking about is: What are we doing this weekend? Every single weekend our housemistress and the boarding assistants have something amazing planned for us. This term alone, we’ve been to Bluewater, Thorpe Park, Canterbury, Oxted, London, and loads of other places. It’s generally agreed that our trip to Thorpe Park was the best of all. We all had lots of fun going on roller coasters, exploring the park, and just generally being out with one another. We always have the best time together.

Some weekends, we decide to stay in school but that doesn’t stop the fun. There’s Saturday Active, which means that we go to the sports hall and play all kinds of sports like bench ball, badminton, netball and we even do dance! It’s amazing. Sometimes we get to cook, which we love.

Year 9 at Woldingham has been one of the best. We’re all able to have a great time, but still learn an amazing amount too.

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