Students impress with quality and variety of EPQ presentations

Students impress with quality and variety of EPQ presentations

23 November 2021

Over the past couple of weeks, Upper Sixth Formers have been presenting to staff and students a wonderfully diverse set of topics as part of their Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). Chosen themes ranged from “To what extent has the male gaze impacted the portrayal and identity of gender in art?” to “Preclinical models in therapeutic cancer research: mice, cell lines or organoids?” and covered important contemporary concerns such as Eurocentric attitudes and racist ideology, as well as subjects such as the role of corporations in sustainable growth, to the significance of football in modern culture.

Dr Whitehead described listening to the presentations as “truly uplifting”, saying also that “The calm confidence of the students while delivering their presentations was matched by the high quality of their independent research.”

The EPQ is part of the Sixth Form additional curriculum at Woldingham. Highly regarded by universities, it can be seen as a bridge between A Levels and university because of the independent skills it fosters.

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