Design & Technology Excellence Award for Woldingham’s Head of DT

Design & Technology Excellence Award for Woldingham’s Head of DT

10 November 2021

Woldingham's Head of Design and Technology, Mr Daniel Wahab, received the Institution of Engineering and Technology Award for Creative use of Digital Technologies in Design and Technology at the 2021 D&T Excellence Awards earlier this term. These annual awards give professional recognition to individuals nominated by their colleagues for their unique work in design and technology education.

Mr Wahab's expertise in and enthusiasm for digital engineering lay at the heart of the judges’ decision. They described Woldingham DT Department’s use of 3D CAD and printers as being “at a very sophisticated level”; appreciated that “practical outcomes in the school workshop are treated as working prototypes and they are tested and evaluated on that basis”; and said that Mr Wahab has “been able to inspire his colleagues in the use of 3D printers and everyone in the department has developed an ambition to find more challenging uses for this kind of engineering.” 

Woldingham is delighted that the broad range of digital technologies employed by Mr Wahab and the DT Department, from designing and manufacturing using CAD/CAM to digital electronics, were found to be amongst the best in the field.  Mr Wahab was very pleased to share the department’s success with the other winners from across the UK at the awards ceremony in September, saying, “It was a fantastic event and amazing to see all the other great work carried out by the other Design and Technology departments. I would like to thank Claire Wilkinson, Jaqs Graham and Simon Smith for all their hard work and making this award possible.”

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