Climbing Club rises to the challenge

Climbing Club rises to the challenge

14 October 2021

Mr Nick Rae, Climbing Club organiser and Head of Tennis

Twelve students from Year 9 to Upper Sixth have been enjoying climbing this term at a brand new ‘Bouldering Centre’ called Volume1. It is a fantastic space with multiple walls of different gradients and negative overhangs, to develop technique, and solve multiple ‘problems’ (as climbers like to call them) as they plan a route up the walls.

The first session was spent getting the students familiarised with identifying the grading of routes, and the importance of personal safety, as it takes a high degree of confidence to be several metres up without a safety rope!

Now, a few weeks in, our climbers are completing higher levels of routes and several are mastering the art of dropped knee, a pinch hold or flagging, and it’s great to see their confidence building over time and the personal satisfaction they get from completing a tough challenge.

If anyone would like to find out more about Climbing Club, please get in touch.


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