New Artist in Residence inspires art students with her amazing paintings

New Artist in Residence inspires art students with her amazing paintings

30 September 2021

Woldingham’s new Artist in Residence, Amy Powell, has exciting plans for the year ahead to create large paintings, as well as make some smaller scale works translating how she works at scale to a smaller format.

After studying fine art at university at Reading and Cardiff, and a period at university in Australia, Amy, who specialises in painting, is hoping to spend the year developing her practice, as well as inspiring Woldingham’s art students.

Amy describes her work as ‘taking borrowed images from a vast number of printed sources and transforming them as uncanny works that hang somewhere between sculpture and painting’.

‘In my painting, I use body or the objecthood of painting to alter perception of our visual landscape, exploring what is real and imagined,’ added Amy.

Over the year Amy plans to continue with her body of work and see where it takes her. Living on-site at school, Amy has already taken the opportunity to being so close to London to visit its vast array of galleries at the weekend.

‘I am enjoying interacting with students. I am based in one of the art studios and an increasing number of students are taking a look at what I am doing; they are really curious, which is fantastic. During my year here I am hoping to run some painting workshops and talks to share my experience and inspire a new generation of Woldingham artists.’

The Wold will check in on Amy over her year in residence. In the meantime, you can take a look at Amy’s work at

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