Year 10 students set targets for summer work experience

Year 10 students set targets for summer work experience

29 June 2021

Mrs Bodil Chambers, Head of Higher Education & Careers

On Tuesday 22 June we held our first ever Careers Activity Day for Year 10 students. This was designed to encourage them to engage with their Morrisby Profile, start conversations on careers with their parents and guardians and develop greater self-awareness and career management skills. 

The students had taken Morrisby Profile assessments the previous week, which are psychometric tests of aptitudes, interests, personality and learning style to help students make A Level, career and university course choices. The Morrisby Profile also gives them access to their own interactive careers webspace.

Using the careers suggestions in their profile results,  the students wrote cover letters for their dream jobs and produced elevator pitches for realistic work experience scenarios. Delivering these pitches to their fellow students helped develop presentation skills and gave the whole year group lots of entertainment. In the afternoon we hosted a careers carousel, featuring 14 alumnae from an exciting array of careers.

The day ended with a talk from Miss Jamie Gallagher, Woldingham’s new Director of Higher Education & Careers from September 2021, on the subject of work experience. She set students the challenge of gaining at least two experiences of the workplace this summer, taking advantage of virtual work experience courses or by engaging in work shadowing with relatives or friends. Research shows that just starting the process of thinking about careers at this stage helps students make better decisions later.

A fun day with a purpose!

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