Students shine with intellectual curiosity at Kritikos celebration

Students shine with intellectual curiosity at Kritikos celebration

28 June 2021

Mrs Katharine Payne, Coordinator of Kritikos

We celebrated intellectual curiosity with fantastic student presentations and lively debate at our end of year Kritikos celebration on Monday 21 June.

Kritikos is Woldingham’s programme for academic scholars. As part of the programme, students complete a “curiosity project”, which gives them the opportunity to pursue their own enquiry, research, reflect and work independently.

This year’s theme was “discovery” and three students presented their research to members of staff and their peers. Mia, Year 9, took us on a journey of discovery in literature, Megan, Year 8, explored clouds from many different perspectives and Amelia, Year 7, transported us through the discovery of space, past, present and future. All three confidently fielded questions about their project from staff and their peers. In year group bubbles, Kritikos students and staff then discussed more of their research topics, from time travel to deep oceans to the discovery Tutankhamun’s tomb. Dr Whitehead commented that it was “fantastic to see the junior students’ intellectual curiosity blossoming”.

In the final week of term many of the students will be sharing their research with their peers. A summary of the curiosity projects undertaken by Kritikos students in Years 7-9 can be found here.

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