£14,000 raised for Woldingham’s Lenten Charity, the Cardinal Hume Centre

£14,000 raised for Woldingham’s Lenten Charity, the Cardinal Hume Centre

14 June 2021

Fr Gerry Devlin, Chaplain, and Miss Charlotte Owen, Head of Marden

During the season of Lent, after a tutor group liturgy, the whole school took part in a sponsored walk in their year group ‘bubbles’.  It was an opportunity for staff and students to take time away from computer screens in the fresh air and raise money for the Cardinal Hume Centre in Central London to help those who are homeless and others who are unable to meet their usual family commitments during this time of COVID. Some international students still learning remotely also took part on the day, walking with family members in various places throughout the world.  As a school community we raised £6,878 and with matched government funding, that is worth £13,756 to the Cardinal Hume Centre.  We also received food vouchers to the value of £306, which have been passed on.

May we say a big thank you to everyone for all your kindness, generosity and support in raising such a fabulous amount of money, which will go a long way to helping others in need.  As Cardinal Hume once remarked: “Each individual life must be accorded full protection and respect. Each person matters. No human life is ever redundant. Sadly, for many, it seems there is not sense of hope; yet behind every face is a personal story. These people are precious in the eyes of God and they must be precious in ours.”

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