Problems successfully solved in UKMT Junior Mathematical Challenge 2021

Problems successfully solved in UKMT Junior Mathematical Challenge 2021

26 May 2021

It’s been another very successful year for Woldingham students in the UKMT Junior Mathematical Challenge, with a fantastic 32 certificates being awarded. 

Seven students did exceptionally well, receiving a gold certificate and an invitation to take part in another round of this nationwide competition. Year 8 students Livvy, Lea, Caitlin, Sally and Aspen, and Year 7 student Lucy will compete in the Junior Kangaroo round, where they will have to tackle 25 multiple choice questions in one hour.

Fleur, in Year 8, who received the highest mark of all Woldingham entrants, will compete in the Junior Olympiad, the highest level of the nationwide Junior UKMT competition. Fleur (pictured, with Livvy, Lea, Caitlin and Sally) will be given two hours to complete 16 questions and you may be interested to see an example of a past Junior Olympiad paper here.

Well done to all our students awarded a certificate in this stretching annual challenge of mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and fluency in using mathematical techniques to solve interesting problems.  

Gold certificate Silver certificate Bronze certificate

Livvy B, Year 8

Megan A, Year 8

Desai A, Year 8

Lucy F, Year 7 – Best in year

Amelia A, Year 7

Mia C, Year 7

Lea G, Year 8

Tiffany A-Y, Year 8

Tabitha D, Year 8

Caitlin J, Year 8

Anna H-C, Year 8

Carys G, Year 7

Aspen P, Year 8

Laura K, Year 7

Yifan L, Year 8

Fleur S, Year 8 - Best in school

Loreen K, Year 8

Ruby M, Year 7

Sally W, Year 8

Mary M, Year 8

Lily M, Year 7


Nancy M, Year 8

Lizzie M, Year 7


Waishe M, Year 8

Isobel N, Year 7


Ela P, Year 8

Evie S, Year 7


Laila T, Year 8

Nicola T, Year 8


Lana T, Year 8

XiuMing Z, Year 7


Charlotte Y, Year 8


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