Sharing our love of boarding at Woldingham to a wider audience

Sharing our love of boarding at Woldingham to a wider audience

13 May 2021

Enabling Woldingham students to ‘Write Your Own Story’ is the central message of our new campaign about what makes Woldingham so special.

Write Your Own Story seems to be a perfect way to describe a Woldingham education,’ said Jenny Rawlinson, Woldingham’s Director of Communication. ‘Every girl is unique and her life story will be unique. Following in the footsteps of alumnae who have become CEOs, doctors, award winning actors, best-selling novelists, politicians, lawyers, artists and many other fantastic careers, our aim is to enable every student to become the author of her own story. We want each of them to achieve the fulfilling and positive life that is her choice. This choice comes from the boundless opportunities at Woldingham, helping students achieve the exam grades that open doors to exciting careers, develop life skills, resilience and ambition, and, perhaps most importantly, to be happy.’ 

With a focus on reaching families who don’t currently know Woldingham, the beauty of our school and our great boarding facilities, we’ve been enthused by our love of literature, our space and amazing students to publish our own book on boarding at Woldingham.

Inspired by great works of literature such as EM Forster’s A Room With a View (we are so lucky to have such amazing views at Woldingham) and A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf (as boarders have their own study bedrooms from Year 10 onwards) we’ve written our own book on the joys of boarding at Woldingham, with each page linked to a book showcasing our amazing grounds, facilities and students. Other works of literature featured include well known favourites Great Expectations and The Secret Garden, as well as modern novels including The Girl with the Louding Voice from Nigerian writer Abi Daré.

The current boarding-focused campaign includes targeted social media advertising, engagement with prep schools, showcases and events. As well as our new book we’ve developed a series of advertisements, updated our web pages and produced some short videos to introduce boarding at Woldingham to more families in the UK and internationally.

You can read the book here and hear from Woldingham boarder Misan in a short video here.

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