Boarders enjoy their first local exeat this year

Boarders enjoy their first local exeat this year

11 May 2021

Last weekend, for the first time this year, boarders in Years 9 and above were able to go on local exeat to nearby Oxted. Beautiful though Woldingham’s grounds are, the opportunity to venture just a little further afield as COVID-19 restrictions gradually ease was a welcome treat, as Year 10 boarder Smile explains below. 

Smile, Year 10

Finally! I was able to go to Oxted, a little town near Woldingham, last weekend. Being outside on the windy roads, everything was just like magic! I could still clearly remember the first time I went to Oxted in November 2019 with my mum, after we flew all the way from China to the UK to visit Woldingham School and how I began my life here later. It only took us five minutes to get there on the train. In my opinion, Oxted is indeed a cute town. Though it is certainly small, you can still find everything you need in a huge supermarket near the train station, including all kinds of my favourite snacks and biscuits. Considering the fact that spring is coming, I also bought some fresh fruits to share with my friends and make them into smoothies. Furthermore, a cosy household goods store called A Useful Friend was also an interesting place to visit. Since the lockdown is easing, as a boarder I hope we will have more opportunities to go out and about and I am so excited to go on more upcoming trips to the nearby towns!

Next weekend, Marden boarders in Years 7 and 8 will go on their first trip to do a little shopping in nearby Redhill. Head of Boarding Miss Taryn Bennett expressed her delight - and acknowledged the excitement of boarders - that Woldingham is able to offer more weekend trips in the local area in the coming weeks, with activities including outdoor mini golf on the menu.

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