Thought-provoking debate at the heart of student-led REthink Week

Thought-provoking debate at the heart of student-led REthink Week

28 April 2021

Desiree, Molly and Loulou, the REthink Team

This academic year, members of REthink, Woldingham’s theology and philosophy society, have worked creatively to seize our chance to think and rethink our ideas on the 'big issues'. During the autumn and spring terms, REthink held virtual weekly meetings and membership reached unprecedented levels. We have also come together by writing articles for the winter edition of our biannual magazine.

To mark the release of the final issue of REthink magazine this academic year, we organised REthink Week, an exciting mix of events, which ran from Tuesday 20 to Friday 23 April.

REthink Week began with an ancient but still relevant activity, debating. On the lawn in front of Main House, Junior REthink asked, ‘Should the Catholic Church do more to address feminist issues?’  The question was met with rich and rigorous arguments from both sides that made for a fantastic first event.

Next on the REthink Week agenda was a natural theology nature walk. The event allowed Junior REthink members to join us as we appreciated the natural beauty of our Woldingham valley whilst looking for evidence of an intelligent designer, allowing William Paley’s natural theology to be brought to life.

On the penultimate day of REthink Week, Lower Sixth REthink members participated with great enthusiasm at Woldingham’s very own speakers’ corner. This episode of reflection was followed by the opportunity to reflect more formally during a REthink Week Mass, conducted by Fr Gerry.

Across the first three days of REthink Week a series of talks were given by the magazine’s new editors, and each was followed by very insightful discussion. The subject of these talks ranged from human rights to piety to Machiavelli.

Alongside these events we enjoyed a REthink quiz, a treasure hunt and launched a REthink tote bag to raise funds for the Cardinal Hume Centre. We hope everyone involved enjoyed REthink Week as much as we did and finds the new issue of REthink magazine a great way to think and rethink their ideas on the big issues. You can read the magazine here.

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