Overseas higher education offers abound

Overseas higher education offers abound

28 April 2021

Mrs Alison Mason, US and Canadian Universities Co-ordinator

It has been a bumper year for offers of places at overseas universities.  Many congratulations to all our students who applied overseas. Each of them has received one or more offers and four have also been offered scholarships. Nine Upper Sixth students, around 14% of the year group, applied to institutions in the US, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore. This number fluctuates each year but is consistently creeping upwards.

Daisy, pictured, has been offered a full scholarship to study fashion at the prestigious Parsons, New York, which she is planning to accept. She was also offered a scholarship by the Chicago Institute of Art. Ona has been offered places at Cornell and Tufts and two scholarships by Pace. Milan received the offer of a scholarship from the University of Toronto, where Jessica was also offered a place. USC has offered a place to Zahra, who is also wait listed for Berkley, and Khushi is is on the wait list for NYU. And, of course, as reported a few weeks ago, Og was offered a place at MIT.

Outside North America, Gemma has been offered a scholarship by the University of Hong Kong and Alice places at both the University of Singapore and Hong Kong Polytechnic.

Whether our students choose to take up these offers or decide to study elsewhere, it’s a great achievement to be offered places and scholarships by these popular institutions. They all have a wonderful range of opportunities ahead of them.

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