Med Soc students’ website shares knowledge and spreads hope

Med Soc students’ website shares knowledge and spreads hope

26 April 2021

During lockdown, Lower Sixth students and Med Soc members Anthea, Nicola and Jungwon designed and built their own website, ‘Virtual Hope’.

As its name suggests, the students created it for the benefit of others. In their own words, We came up with the idea of spreading love and hope virtually during the pandemic, as we wanted to serve others and contribute towards supporting others mentally, and providing an interactive learning platform open to all.”

The website includes a research section where the students looked at famous scientists who contributed to medicine and medical advancement, a section focused on mental health and a section that provides the opportunity for interactive medical debate. The students heartily recommend taking part in a debate “whether you want to be part of the medical field or not, because it can lead you to think about situations that matter to you”. Anthea, Nicola and Jungwon also hope to raise £1000 via their website for a cause close to their hearts – Charing Cross Hospital’s A&E Department. 

As aspiring medics, the website will also provide an interesting topic of discussion should Anthea, Nicole and Jungwon make applications to medical school next year.

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