Lower Sixth sessions conclude a stimulating series of spring term Woldingham Talks

Lower Sixth sessions conclude a stimulating series of spring term Woldingham Talks

25 March 2021

The spring term’s Woldingham Talks series concluded with two excellent Thinking Big lectures, from students Milly and Molly, and our annual Women and the Workplace panel discussion, designed to champion greater gender equality at work and inspire Lower Sixth students as they start to think about their own career aspirations.

A few days either side of the panel discussion, Milly and Molly entertained appreciative audiences with their respective presentations, “Did Orwell predict Trump?” and “The limits of my language mean the limits of my world”. Both displayed impressive knowledge, analysis and delivery, living up to the “Thinking Big” promise.

On Tuesday 23 March, our five fantastic Women and the Workplace panellists, four of them Woldingham alumnae, each gave a short presentation about their career and shared their insights and experience of working in the fields of law, media, insurance, investment banking and finance. Many thanks to Millie Baars (2014) - AON, Jess Jarold - Hearst UK, Lucinda Palmer (2015) - Goldman Sachs, Camilla Stockdale (2016) - Hyundai Capital and So Yung Wong (2009) - Taylor Rose MW, for taking time out of their busy schedules to talk to the Lower Sixth. The session was very ably introduced and facilitated by students Desiree, Sophie and Naomi.

The full summer term schedule of Woldingham Talks will be published at the beginning of term, but in the meantime please keep the following dates free for our virtual panel events, which are open to parents:

Tuesday 27 April 19:30  Women in Business

Tuesday 11 May 19:30  Women Leaders in STEM

Tuesday 25 May 19:30  Women Entrepreneurs

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